Saturday, July 24, 2010

aja aja fighting ya!

i just came back from mid night movie with my gurlfriends.. aja,aja,ayu.
there were four of us. hanging out to the queensbay mall.
it was unplanned plan.

today was kinda suck for ajar shar and her roommate, hajar. (same name).
aja shar was having bad stomach-ache since yesterday. So it has been 2 days. This afternoon she went to meet the doctor. and it was horrifying when the doctor suspected she was having intestine, usus problem or batu karang. she was suspended for a while in the Pusat Kesihatan USM ward. she even got injection twice. Luckily after a few hours, the doctor let her go back hostel as her condition getting better.

while the second hajar, never thought another bad thing was waiting for her.
supposedly she should be in KL right now, but she missed her flight on 3pm! how pity on her...
she got an appointment with her doctor in KL at 5pm. and even worst, her family was waiting for her with a cake to celebrate her belated birthday... much more pitiful...

so it turned out a plan for us to go out and have fun. much important is to cheer up hajar...
then we went out celebrated her belated birthday at Secret Recipe, the four of us bought contact lense (for the first in our life!), snapping picture everywhere, n watched The Socerer's Apprentice! it was so worth it!

for aja shar, get well soon dear! n for hajar, dun be sad babe...epy belated bday! hope u'r hepy. :)

here are some picture. :)

ok thats all. very lazy to upload some more pitcha.
tomorrow's plan : go sedim,kedah waterfall! so must sleep now. hope tomorrow will be fun fun fun n fun n more fun.

Friday, July 23, 2010

pls stop it,heart

I can't lie to myself anymore.
yea I'm going to admit that.
I'm not happy.
feel like a hole in my chest.
something lost.
miserable in me.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

So long haven't update this blog.
I've been feeling very lousy to write.
I've been through with so many feeling, swing away with different mood,
yet at the end of the day, always end up with a smile. :)

Talk to him every night, before fly away with dream never failed to help me sleep in peace.

although just hearing his voice through the phone...

ape jiwang gile babas nih?
after so long tk tulis blog, mcm kaku tangan ni nk menaip.

dh 2 minggu utk sem 1 sidang 2010/2011 USM berlalu.
bru 2mggu kot, tapi aku rase mcm dah kt 2bulan dok usm.
sbb semuanya rase macam masih seperti dulu...
di kelilingi kawan2 yg same, hang out, lepak, sembang, ngn diorang.
tu yg rse mcm typical the past semesters I've been through..
Well, they always be the best friends for me and I know they are the one will always be there for me.. thanks kawan2ku. korg sgt cool!

alamak dh kul 8mlm! lom maghrib lg. gotta go! catch u later...